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I help women entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations move from chaos to clarity,  redefine their purpose & passion, and gain a new perspective in life & business through my coaching & financial services.

Lifestyle & Business Coaching

Often times our personal issues can hinder our ability to move forward whether in our personal pursuits or business ventures.  If you want to see yourself more clearly and get out of your own way my lifestyle coaching services are meant for you.

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As a transformational speaker and author,

Jamella is a deep believer in the beauty of the healing process. It is within this process that Jamella helps her clients break the bondage of defeat and work towards the mark of freedom as she facilitates the process of self-discovery and self-acceptance.  Her passion and transformational living philosophy stems from a desire to help those entrepreneurial women who see no way out, suffering from the effects of sexual assault/abuse, financial difficulties, hurdles, blessing blockages, and superficial fixes.  This lifestyle guru is looking to help “entrepreneurial chicas” invent a new strategy for a rewarding business by planting the seeds of positivity for a thriving lifestyle. This individualized blueprint will allow clients to relinquish unhealthy relationships and prioritize opportunities for change as they seek the truth and remain genuine to themselves in every area of life.

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

These are just some of the past hurts and pain that former Bulimic and molestation survivor has had to endure. During her miraculous journey toward healing, God placed upon her heart Jeremiah 31:21 AMP, ”Set up yourselves highway markers {back to Canaan} make for yourselves guideposts, turn your thoughts and attention to the way by which you went {into exile}. Retrace your steps, O virgin Israel.” Now the Into Me See Movement Founder and Lifestyle and Business Foundation Engineer has found her God-given purpose. From that day forward, Jamella received and answered her calling as a willing vessel of God investing her time and lending her successful business and leadership skills to motivate, uplift, and restore the cracks and broken places of other women struggling to find their place in today’s world. Jamella is passionate about living for God as she includes biblical teachings into each and every life-changing session.

Jamella Stroud values the hearts of people as she helps to heal their hurts of life. With first -hand knowledge and experience, she is compassionate about developing the roles of every person within the family unit as she is the product of an emotionally unavailable mother and drug dependent father.  This lifestyle and Business Foundation Engineer also values entrepreneurship as she implores her clients to become flexible and dig deeper to remove the challenges in life and manifest their destiny. Jamella also wants to reach those with relationship and spirituality difficulties. She values her relationship with people in general because her relationships are only as good as her relationship with God. This keeps her grounded and focused while working to rebuild the lives of others.

Jamella is a single mother and role model to the beautifully talented, Jamiah Stroud. Jamella earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social and Behavioral Science which readily equipped her for lifestyle coaching and business sessions. As CEO of Into Financials, she operates her company with a contagious, entrepreneurial spirit while preparing women to make sound financial decisions with a spotlight on accounting, budgeting, and tax preparation. Her signature talks and transformation workshops are geared toward helping those create or revitalize an authentic plan for living the best life.  This community advocate utilizes her time volunteering as PTSA Treasurer at her daughter's school, mentor at Tutwiler Women’s Prison through the AIM Organization, and speaking at life changing events such as “Take Back the Night”, an event dedicated to rape and molestation survivors. She also serves the community connecting with troubled, “at-risk women” in alternative school and local drug rehab facilities.

Allow Jamella to become your entrepreneur strategist and fulfill your business dreams!